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Proceedings of the Society's Annual Meeting held February 1-3, 2013 in College Station, Texas on the theme of "The American Presidency." The meeting was presided over by 2012-13 President Jon H. Fleming and included speakers James A. Baker III, Ben Barnes, Bill Bradley, H.W. Brands, Joseph A. Califano Jr., Andrew Card, John Cornyn, Ted Cruz, Jon H. Fleming, Betty Sue Flowers, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Clay Johnson III, Karl Rove, Evan Smith, Chase Untermeyer, and Mark K. Updegrove.


The Proceedings include the text of the meeting sessions, changes to membership, biographical information about speakers, memorials to members who passed the previous year, lists of the Society's past presidents, past meeting dates/cities/topics, and current members at the time.


-216 pages with 10 in color

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