2006 - Texas Tomorrow: The Impact of Immigration

Topics discussed during this proceeding include E Pluribus, Plures, The New Order: Can It Work?, The Politics of Immigration, A Case of Foreign Policy, Migration and the New Congress, Amazing Lives of New Americans, A Matter of Money, and Migration and What It Means.
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Welcome and Introduction by S. Roger Horchow
E Pluribus, Plures by Caroline Brettell
The New Order: Can It Work? by Lee Cullum, James Hollifield, Jack Hunt, Harry Joe, Carole Wilson
The Politics of Immigration by Kay Bailey Hutchison
A Case of Foreign Policy by Theodore Strauss, James Lindsay
Migration and the New Congress by John Cornyn
Amazing Lives of New Americans by Pia Orrenius, Joe Chow, Michael Hinojosa, Tom Kim, Prasad Thotakura
A Matter of Money by Richard Fisher
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